Operate Bewaxed franchise exclusively offering  Bewaxed products and Bewaxed  services in accordance with Bewaxed  guidelines. If you’re interesting in partnering with us  please let us know if you are interested and we can set up a meeting.

Minimum requirement (for Local Franchise Locations)

• Minimum 750 sqft for comprehensive salon in a pre-approved location.

• Comply with specifications of design, layout and fittings in keeping with the Bewaxed  brand.

• Investment in interior/exterior  set up  complying with specifications of design, layout and fittings of the Bewaxed brand.

• A minimum of two staff per location trained by Bewaxed.

• Franchise fee Rs 2.5 million for use of brand. Contract is valid for 5 years. (Non refundable)

• 20% monthly from Net profits

For international franchise, please contact us for further details